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Tractor Backhoe Problems

from: If I got a tractor and I put a backhoe on it and I go buy a pto pump will the pto pump work all the hdyraulics on the backhoe.

The existing PTO should provide the power you need, but to be sure ask

the seller about the particular item you are planning to purchase.

That depends totally on the size of the pump in relation to the size of the backhoe.

There should be an existing PTO on the tractor. Unless its a really bad tractor in which case you might not want to buy.

The way mine worked was the pump and controls were mounted on the Backhoe Attachment. I back up to it and the PTO off the Tractor that connect to the Bush-Hog etc. would go into the pump on the Backhoe. Then just start the PTO and give the amount of RPM needed and start digging. Most Tractors have a shaft come out the back, that the PTO to run any attachments that need powered. Also, mine had a place on the side for hoses to connect for Hydraulics, like a front end loader or hay fork.

From your question I assume you not have a tractor yet, so, go to a Dealer and look at some New and Used and learn about all this. Then you can know what you want and may find a good used tractor in the paper and have the knowledge to know if it do what you want.

The pump should be able to work all the hydraulics with the correct valving.


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